Thursday, Friday, Saturday so on..

Ok. Without connection to Internet in more than a week makes some things a little bit difficult..
But we are alive! And we are great!
A summary of our last week until today, Saturday..
One day we jumped into Marias car and went to Barbastro, a few hours away. There we were amazed by the olivetrees and vineyards! We visited a BIG vineyard, totally new and expensive, and got to see the whole concept and taste some vines. Haha, this is a funny trip! After that, and a big lunch in the town, we went to a small olivegarden. We also tasted oliveoil, which was a little different..
Another day we went to Llanos del Hospital, to go cross-country skeeing beside the mountains and have som after-ski in the spa :) Really nice! At the night we went out to a sweet Irish pub, Molly Malone. 
On Monday the real thing started. The Practics! Emilie and Christel at the Grand Hotel, Peter and Mattias at Aneto, the new hotel, and Josefin in the reception at the same hotel:)
Everything started great except for that both Emilie and Christel were ill that morning, really ill. After a visit at the doctors, with a shot and some pills, we started practising on Wednesday. Now everything is fine:) Don`t worry, moms and dads!
In the kitchen everything is great, we are learning new things all the time, and everybody are nice!
Did we mention that the weather here is great? We have been sunbathing every siesta. 25 degrees is okay ;)

Hugs and kisses from us, again ^^

Wednesday 11/3

Today was a GREAT day! We went up early to go to the town Cerler to go skeeing in the Pyrenees Mountains :D
The ski-center has 65 or 70 different slopes and many lifts, and everything was soo great! The sun was shining and the view was wonderful.. Peter, who had never gone skeeing before in his life, attended to go down a black slope and make a 360 in a jump. He ALMOST made it all:) God job Peter! After the skeeing and lunchbox-meal, we went home at 4.30. We went to see our future apartment, where we will live during our practice.
For dinner we had Chicken and chips! Some different, but tasty:)
Now we are tired and are soon going to bed since the limit of staying up is at 23..
God night and keep in touch! Hasta la vista baby!

Over and out.

Tuesday 10/3

This morning we started continuing the chocolate-work. We made a very nice sculpture with coloured eggs and a swingchair and other funny things:)  After that we made some marcipan flowers:)
Lunch today was Gazpacho and Paella: Veery tasty! 
Then we went to Anciles to a restaurante to taste some local wines, 2 white, 3 red, 1 rosé and 1 sweet wine:) We learned a lot and also got to get a view in the wineceller.. There we had another wine.. Hmm. Mattias liked it a lot:)
After that, the principal invited us to her home to eat Churros with hot chocolate.
We walked in town until the schoolbus came to pick us up. Then, at 8.45, we had the dinner. As a starter we had Andalusian Salad, and as main course a Merluzafish with greensauce..
The boys went out to play the guitar:)


Monday 9/3

Today we went to a sightseeing to Benasque to see our practice-places.. Two really nice hotels indeed! After that we returned to school to eat lunch and meet the other students.. W also make some chocolate-art! We made pralines in different shapes and coloures.. It wa great! We played some games with the spanish students, and then had dinner:) We like it a lot at here, and it's really some nice weather here! 15 degrees! And we thought it was winter.. :)

The beginning of our trip Skellefte-Stockholm-Barcelona-Benasque :)

Travelling to unknown destination...

Hello everybody! We are right now at place in SPAIN!!! We startet our journey at saturday evening, with the night-train to Stockholm. We had a sleep-cupé so we slept most of the time. Not. When we first arrived at the train, we went to the restaurant-cabin, where we spent some time together playing cards. Somehow someone, or Mattias, managed to turn of the lights in the whole train. It was creepy, but we survived to Stockholm. At 6.45 we went off the train, and had a big, great breakfast in a hotel. We liked it.
After a walk in town we decided to go to Arlanda with bus. We played cards and ate lunch there, before checking in. The waiting time was long, but it was ok, we didn´t suffer. The plane to Barcelona left at 3 pm. When we finally, after 3.5 hours arrived, we were excited! We took a minibus-cab to Benasque. The road was creepy, but some of us liked it a lot. It was small, dark and very curvey (?) with big mountains and height differences. Finally, though, after 3.5 hours in the cab, we arrived at the BEAUTIFUL school of Guayente:) 

 We had a great dinner which the first graders had made:) After that we got to see our rooms, and sit here:) Now we are reaally tired, so we really have to sleep. But first shower. After 28 hours of travelling we dont´t feel fresh..

The pictures are great, but will be available later.. Like a cliffhanger:)

So long! Hasta la vista!
Will be back....

Icehockey at the Arena

Yesterday we went to see the hockey-game between the cities Skellefteå and Södertälje at the hockey Arena. It was nice, with about 5000 people. Well, no more to say, it just explains itself.. Except for the cold outside, which can not actually be explained.. 22 degrees below zero, and even more, is however hard to cope with. But, we all survived :) Again. And Skellefteå won, wohoo!
So long..

Svansele on Saturday:)

Saturday was even colder.. 18 degrees below zero however didn´t feel that bad. The snow was falling down as we headed towards Svansele in two cars. There we met with the great man Torbjörn, and he gave us a guide tour around the beautiful exhibition of animals and outdoor life. That was a really great experience, too! We ate some moose- and reindeermeat, potatoes, vegetables and trout fried over open fire:) After that we sat beside the fire and chilled and tasted Swedish gingerbread and candy. I think they liked it! We also got to see a movie about Torbjörns next building-project. And after some snow-scooterdriving, we went home, happy and relaxed.. So, as I said, we are having a great time!!:) - Christel
Nos vemos..

.. and Skeppet

The public bath in Piteå :)

On Friday we got up early in the morning, the freezing cold morning. In snow-stormy weather at 14 degrees below zero, we waited for the bus to Piteå, which was, of course, delayed. In Piteå we walked to "Skeppet" and tried the mini-golf and the bowling. Afterwards we ate som hamburgers and so, waiting for the public bath to open at 2. The nice lady working at skeppet offered us to record som songs in the musicstudio while we were waiting -for free! So we looked through all the songs in excitement, and finally chose some songs.. We had a really great time! The public bath was also a great success, and we went home happy and really really tired..

Great days in Norrland!

So we have met now:) On Monday 8.30 we (the Swedes) went to the little office beside the teacher-room. Ande we met with the Spaniards:) Nervous at first, but they were all really nice and happy, talking a lot, so we got along great really soon. After some planning and questions we all walked around at school, on a little sightseeing. Then we dressed and went outside to visit the restaurants where they later would practise. 8 degrees below zero and really clear weather showed Skellefteå from it´s best view, and we had a great time! After all of that, we went back to school, just to continue over to Skeria, our kitchens and restaurant, to eat and walk around.. Nice to meet you all!

Travellers identity, at last!

This is us, finally! As we are standing >
Back from the left Peter and Mattias and in the front Josefin, Teacher Pirjo, Christel and Emilie.. All excited and happy!^^

Me updating again!

Things happen all the time! Yesterday we met with our teacher to plan activities for the Spaniards´ visit in February. We have talked about everything from scootertrips, bathhouses, and "fika"  to other great adventures.. We´ll see what happens! We have also planned to bring some Swedish sorts of food to Spain and make a real North-swedish meal :)
We also talked about the blog, and hopefully we will soon update with lots of pictures and information about us and our school. So, see you soon.. Greetings from Sweden!  / Christel (and the rest)

This is a start of something new..

So here we go, at last.. Four restaurant-students, one hotel-student and a nice teacher, all heading for a new world.  We would like to say welcome to you all, especially to you whom we don´t know yet. Welcome to our blog and to the story of our future schooltrip from Skellefteå to the north of Spain! Hopefully every part of this journey will be a great experience for life.. We are leaving Skellefteå at week eleven, in the beginning of March, and until that we have a lot of preparation and activity to plan. We will first have visit from Spain in the beginnig of February, and we are waiting unpatiently :)..
With this said, we will simply begin! Today we are having our first spanish-lesson at school as a preparation for the trip, one hour of totally ten. We have to be able to communicate, at least a little, with our future friends.. We´ll see how it works out. Exciting! Keep updated :) So long..


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